Creo Advisory, LLC

"CRAY-oh", Latin for to create

Creo Advisory, LLC (pronounced cray-oh) is the business name for technology advisory services provided by Brian Dailey.

Services Provided

Creo Advisory, LLC works most often either directly with smaller companies or with investment firms that want to provide some extra help to their portfolio companies. Here are some of the services offered.

About Brian

I got started programming in the mid 90’s. Before graduating high school I started my first job as a programmer writing Java servlets for an electronic medical records company. I was immediately hooked on building products that were viable (they solved a problem) and valuable (someone was willing to pay for it). After graduating college with a Business degree, I struck out on my own as a contractor and consultant. I did a wide variety of work for companies all of the country but really found my groove getting involved in startups and early-stage companies in New York.

Eventually, I found myself in Nashville and co-founded Stratasan with Jason Moore. We grew to almost 100 employees with an average annual revenue growth rate of 30%. I went from solo engineer to engineering lead to engineering manager and the lead of leads. We were acquired by Syntellis Performance Solutions in 2022.

Currently, I leverage the wide array of experience I have in the startup and engineering world to provide technical advice to other startups and early-stage companies.

Get in touch?

If you feel I might be helpful in any capacity, feel free to reach out directly via email at brian @ (this domain).